Plasterers & Cement Masons

What being a Cement Mason is about

The primary responsibility of the Cement Mason is to finish the exposed and poured concrete on projects ranging anywhere from a small patio or sidewalk to miles and miles of highway or airport runways.  The Cement Mason uses a variety tools including the straight edge, trowel, bull float, hand float, edgers, jointers, hammers, hand saws, spirit levels and power tools to level, smooth, shape and finish the cement. The work is predominantly outdoors and due to the effects of the weather (heat, cold, wind, humidity, etc.) on the curing of cement, Cement Masons must be knowledgeable of the various types of cement and concrete mixes in order to prevent defects by actively identifying and understanding the current state of the mixture by its look and feel.  The work is active and strenuous, and it’s oftentimes performed under pressure because once the cement is poured it must be worked before it sets, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. 

General Qualifications

  • Age 18 or older
  • Minimum Education: High School Diploma or GED
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Must be able to pass drug screen
  • Good physical condition
  • Recommended High School Classes: General Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Mechanical Drawing.
  • Manual dexterity, the ability to work well without supervision, and the ability to adapt to a wide variety of working conditions.

Cement Masons Apprenticeship Program

  • Applicant must provide High School Diploma or GED, official transcript, copy of birth certificate, government issued photo ID, and complete a personal interview
  • Length of Indentureship (Apprenticeship): 3 years
  • Minimum hours of related classroom training: 144 hours/year
  • Indentured to the Joint Apprenticeship Committee and assigned to a signatory contractor.

How to Apply

Applications may be obtained by appointment.

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