Michiana Area Construction Industry Advancement Fund (MACIAF)

MACIAF (Michiana Area Construction Industry Advancement Fund) has for 50 years fulfilled its mission to collect and administer funds to the service and promotion of our region's union construction industry. Funded by hundreds of professional contributing contractors who construct commercial, institutional, industrial, and other projects throughout 20+ counties of north central Indiana and southwest Michigan, MACIAF works to strengthen abilities and opportunities for those contractors and their union workforce.

What MACIAF Does


MACIAF works to promote the quality, skill, and accountability of all contributing contractors along with their skilled and ready union workforce - advocating to the public and private entities responsible for the policies that impact the future of construction and development in our area, region, and state.


MACIAF provides for professional education and employee development training in many aspects of the construction industry for employers and employees alike. Programs range from safety and technical skills to leadership and supervision, utilizing professionals whose excellence and expertise in specific aspects of the construction industry, provide focused and beneficial seminars and classes.


MACIAF develops and advances working connections between labor and management, assuring that together, they achieve the strongest results possible.


MACIAF supports careers in the construction field, engaged in introducing a new generation of workers to the technology, wages and benefits of becoming a highly skilled union construction worker.